Month: October 2015

Getting started with Gulp.js from scratch

Let’s talk and think… So, you are a front-end developer, right? Don’t you think we should optimize our repetitive tasks as much as possible? Well, I have good news for you; nowadays we have a vast amount of tools that make our life easier and happier… you don’t believe me, right? Continue reading then… When […]

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How to list the Node.js packages that are installed as globals

This is probable one of the simplest commands that NPM has; it is just to get the whole list of packages that we have installed as global. npm -g ls –depth=0 The output should look like this: /usr/local/lib ├── bower@1.5.3 ├── bufferstreams@0.0.2 ├── clean-css@2.1.8 ├── clone@0.1.11 ├── connect@2.24.3 ├── doctoc@0.7.1 ├── event-stream@3.1.2 ├── git-changelog@0.1.1 ├── […]

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