Day: December 10, 2014

Remove special characters using a Regex in JavaScript

Imagine you have some strings and as a requirement of one your clients, you need to clean the strings by deleting all the special characters, so here are two regular expressions that could help you to start your cleaning, of course, the second one is more personalizable, but, be my guest and choose the one […]

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Scrollable div when touch on iPad

The challenge Today, one of our clients asked us improve the user experience in a responsive website by adding the possibility to scroll when with “a touch” of the user when he visits the website with his iPad, in this case we have a huge data table, and for that reason the resolution of the […]

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Cleaning the DNS cache

Sometimes when we are working with web projects, we have re-configure the DNS for any reason, so after that, it couldn’t be possible to┬áconnect to our page, so this is set of commands for trying to clean the DNS cache in your computer (thanks to @xmz). For Yosemite, run this command in Terminal: sudo discoveryutil […]

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