Day: September 28, 2015

How to get the keyboard key value with jQuery and run a custom action

This is probably the simplest way to capture the key that the user pressed and execute an action (in this case just a simple (function() { function customAction() {“You have pressed an ‘a’ in your keyboard”); } $(window).on(‘keypress’, function(event) { console.log(event.keyCode); // keyCode te da el código de la tecla que presiones if (event.keyCode […]

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How to use Plugin Equals in IBM WCM 8 and 8.5

The challenge Let’s imagine you are in a menu component in WCM, and you want to validate if some pieces of content has a very specific value in their Keywords property; in case they have it we would like to add a featured CSS class to the rendered HTML. The solution Following is an example about how to use […]

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