How to use Plugin Equals in IBM WCM 8 and 8.5


The challenge

Let’s imagine you are in a menu component in WCM, and you want to validate if some pieces of content has a very specific value in their Keywords property; in case they have it we would like to add a featured CSS class to the rendered HTML.

The solution

Following is an example about how to use the plugin Equals in IBM WCM 8 and 8.5:

<li class="item [Plugin:Equals text1='[Property field="keywords"]' text2='featured']featured[/Plugin:Equals]">
	<h3>[Property context="autofill" type="content" field="title"]</h3>
	[Plugin:ifNotEmpty value="[Element context='autofill' type='content' key='thumbnail' rendition='auto']"]
		<div class="item__thumbnail">
			[Element context="autofill" type="content" key="thumbnail" rendition="auto"]


  • The plugin Equals requires two parameters: text1 and text2. In this example, we have text1=”[Property field=”keywords”]” and value2=”featured”.
  • When WCM renders this HTML with meta-tags will compare text1 and text2 in orden to see if both are equals, in case of true, the CSS class featured will be added.

I hope you find useful this information and you use in your next WCM implementation, and remember, be happy with your code!

2 comments on “How to use Plugin Equals in IBM WCM 8 and 8.5”

    1. Hi, according to the IBM official documentation, it is not possible to create those kind of conditions in a single plugin call. In that case, in order to have the same result you can create two plugin calls:

      OR Condition
      [Plugin:Equals text1='first-condition' text2='first-condition-to-compare']
      First condition

      [Plugin:Equals text1='sec-condition' text2='sec-condition-to-compare']
      Second condition

      AND Condition
      [Plugin:Equals text1='first-condition' text2='first-condition-to-compare']
      [Plugin:Equals text1='sec-condition' text2='sec-condition-to-compare']
      First condition AND Second condition

      Best regards.

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