Explore ACM a beautiful project created just for fun!

For all of you who enjoy make experiments with the web, this is an idea that two of my friends (an experiment made by @superjaca10 and @dantaex for the Astonising Summer at Edis) developed few days ago: http://www.exploreacm.tk/

It is about collecting references from the ACM Digital Library, it uses techniques of web scraping (a computer software technique of extracting information from websites).

The nicest thing is they also created a tree-viewer of references among indexed articles using Node.js, AngularJS and MongoDB as information repository.
You can try with a search criteria like “bayesian non-local” or “removing multiplicative noise”.

Following is an example of how the viewer looks like:



Definitely an excellent project with cutting-edge front-end technologies to make nicer the search, congrats my friends! 🙂

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