Issue when running npm install: npm ERR! cb() never called! SOLVED


Today, while I was trying to get the latest version of my Node Packages Modules (using npm install), I started to receive this error:


npm ERR! cb() never called!

So, after reading about it and looking for solutions, this was the approach to solve it, hope it helps you:

First of all, verify your node.js version using your terminal with this simple command:

node -v

# output sample:

In my case the engine I was running for Node was out of date. So here’s how I fix it. These steps are from David Walsh’s blog.

Clear your npm cache:

sudo npm cache clean -f

Install the latest version of the Node helper:

npm install -g n

Tell the helper (n) to install the latest stable version of Node:

sudo n stable

After previous commands finish you will be up-to-date. Let’s run our install again:

npm install

Enjoy your clean node_modules directory!

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