Uncommon Sense by Derek Sivers

A great talk about how a business can evolve, from being just an idea to become a millionaire business. If you have an amazing idea but no execution, it’s not worth anything. You haven’t done anything. It’s worthless. If you had a good idea and you’ve actually gone and made it happen in a pretty…

Inventing on Principle by Bret Victor

If you are a person who believes web development is not only solving problems in the best way but creating new ways of thinking while having compassion for others, then this talk is for you; 54 minutes about a different way to see why ideas are one of most important things humans can create.

What being a Base22 Agent means

“It is a great, great honor. You are now part of a special breed. Your mission: enterprise web evolution. Build better web solutions for your clients. Delight them with better-than-expected design, communication, and craftsmanship. Introduce them to better tools and technology. Provide them with better strategies and better processes for business in the digital age….

How the world ends:

“A woman tells her programmer husband to go to the store for some milk and while he’s there, get some eggs. He takes egg carton after egg carton, until there are none left. He reaches for empty space. The ground splits beneath his feet. The universe trembles and collapses. This is how the world ends….