How the world ends:

“A woman tells her programmer husband to go to the store for some milk and while he’s there, get some eggs. He takes egg carton after egg carton, until there are none left. He reaches for empty space. The ground splits beneath his feet. The universe trembles and collapses.

This is how the world ends. Not with a bang but with a Null Pointer Exception”

— Thank to the profound programmer


“The human brain is programmed with fuzzy logic even if the above scenario did happen, the programmer would simply collapse (the universe for him go dark), pass out (shut down) and then wake up (reboot) thankfully, human existance is sandboxed and multithreaded. We can kill that thread without any dependancies or repercussions (other than the obvious legal, social, moral, and religious (if they apply)).

Also the guilt…oh god the guilt. But no physical or logical repercussions that endanger the fabric of existence”

— Thank to Ben Shoemate


Alex Arriaga

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