Fractal, an awesome library to generate documentation for style guides and components

During the last four months I have been involved in creating UI Kits for a government, so part of my job is to document every single front-end asset (component) we generate. In the past I have worked with which is more an static site generator (something like Hexo) than a library for components documentation, in fact is kind of out-dated.

I started my search for a mechanism to create documentation for UI style guides and UI components, after some hours of investigation and testing I found this great library: Fractal, built as a NPM package (which is even better, because you can integrate it with a task runner like Gulp.js.

From the official guide from Fractal:

Fractal is a tool to help you build and document web component libraries, and then integrate them into your projects.

And it is true, I am glad I found this great tool which is working smoothly in my current workflow.

Do you want to see an example of an style guide and component library built using Fractal?

Visit Carbon Design System by IBM, all those pages (documentation) is built on top of Fractal. Impressive and beautiful.

Would you like to learn how to start with Fractal?

See the workshop available in Webtraining.ZoneDocumentación de componentes con Fractal

See you next time.


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