Avoid “this project has more than 30 000 files…” error in Brackets editor


This is really quick post for all of you using Brackets editor;

The issue

Sometimes when we use Node.js packages or Bower components in development mode, we have a huge number of files in our workspace and if we open our root folder in Brackets, it is almost sure Brackets will be not able to load all the files, because in order to keep memory, Brackets disables some functionality on projects that contain over 30,000 files. This restriction is applied for most features that search across multiple files, such as Find/Replace in Files, Quick Edit (inline editors), and Quick Open.

If you want to know a complete explanation about this restriction, please open this link: https://github.com/adobe/brackets/wiki/Large-Projects

The solution

A good plugin to avoid the “this project has more than 30 000 files…” error is Exclude Folders: https://github.com/gruehle/exclude-folders

By default, this plugin will ignore node_modules folder, but you can customize the folders you want to exclude from Brackets.

That’s it for today, see you in the next post. Be happy with your editor!

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