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How to use Plugin Equals in IBM WCM 8 and 8.5

The challenge Let’s imagine you are in a menu component in WCM, and you want to validate if some pieces of content has a very specific value in their Keywords property; in case they have it we would like to add a featured CSS class to the rendered HTML. The solution Following is an example about how to use […]

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How to use Plugin jsencode in IBM WCM 8.5

The problem JSON is the current format by excellence for sending messages and getting information via web services. But we usually have a big problem because of special characters like double quotes, let’s go back for a moment to remember how a well-formatted JSON looks: { “field” : “value” } As you know, previous is a […]

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How to use Plugin ifNotEmpty in IBM WCM 8 and 8.5

The challenge Imagine you want to know if there is a non-empty value in any element of a Authoring Template, because if there is no value, then a set of HTML tags should not be generated; well, maybe you could solve this problem by using a small JavaScript code, but, let’s face it, most of our […]

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