How to allow publishing of JavaEE applications with “errors” in IBM Rational® Software Architect

The problem

Sometimes, you are creating pieces of software with many tags in HTML, JavaScript or any other front-end language that IBM Rational® Software Architect doesn’t recognize, for example today I was publishing a theme for WebSphere Portal 8 and an error started to happen in the publishing operation, in a nutshell it was about my theme had some <div></div> tags and IBM Rational® Software Architect wasn’t able to mark them as valid.



If you are pretty sure your code is ok, and the error is just because IBM Rational® Software Architect doesn’t have support for some tags, then you will only need to say “Hey Rational allow me to publish my stuff!”,

  1. Go to menu Window > Preferences > Server > WebSphere Application Server
  2. Look for Allow applications containing errors to be published on a server
  3. See following image for more details about it:


That’s it!

Be happy with your code!

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