How to check SHA1 digest in Mac OS X

Today, I just want to share you an easy way to check the SHA1 digest using a the terminal in Mac OSX. This command is really useful when you need to know if any file -for example an ISO- was downloaded correctly.


  • Step 1. Open a terminal.
  • Step 2. Type next command and wait for the digest
openssl sha1 your_file

For example, I downloaded Kali Linux (the new distribution for penetration and security testing, :p)

openssl sha1 kali-linux-1.0.6-i386.iso
  • Step 3. After running previous command, you will see:
SHA1(kali-linux-1.0.6-i386.iso)= 518aad75c2c5f1c60b2068760712f7e82c02d703

That’s it!

Be happy with your SHA1 digest 🙂

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