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Delete files with a pattern recursively using the terminal

This is just a simple way to delete files recursively using your terminal in any UNIX-like operating system: find . -type f -name “FILES_PATTERN” -exec rm {} \; // Example find . -type f -name “*.mp3″ -exec rm {} \; Explanation -name “FILES_PATTERN” : File pattern. -exec rm -rf {} \; : Delete all files […]

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Update Node.js using the terminal

These are just the steps to update Node.js by using your terminal: sudo npm cache clean -f sudo npm install -g n The n package represents a Node helper, and running this command upgrades node to the latest stable version. sudo n stable Just to confirm we can check our version: node -v // Output […]

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How to check SHA1 digest in Mac OS X

Hi! Today, I just want to share you an easy way to check the SHA1 digest using a the terminal in Mac OSX. This command is really useful when you need to know if any file -for example an ISO- was downloaded correctly. Step 1. Open a terminal. Step 2. Type next command and wait […]

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