Category: Computer Sciences

Build a blog with Carbon LDP and Angular – Part 1

In this tutorial, we are going to be creating an awesome blog engine using two great tools: Angular and Carbon LDP. This tutorial was inspired by the official one published by the Carbon LDP team in In order to successfully go through this tutorial, JavaScript and CSS knowledge is required. Complementary source code is available […]

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Explore ACM a beautiful project created just for fun!

For all of you who enjoy make experiments with the web, this is an idea that two of my friends (an experiment made by @superjaca10 and @dantaex¬†for the Astonising Summer at Edis) developed few days ago: It is about collecting references from the ACM Digital Library, it uses techniques of web scraping (a computer […]

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Ontologies: The beginning

Imagine an entity capable of representing any amount of information, no matter what type it is, with the wonderful feature of such information has a low percentage (or nothing) of ambiguity… also imagine this super knowledge structure was able to infer new questions about the information using a set of rules… and still better imagine […]

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